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We had a stamped concrete patio (approx. 250 sq ft) installed by Jason and his team. To be honest, I had quite a few bids (around 10...) for our project. Originally, I had contacted landscaping companies because we had some other side projects in mind. However, I soon came to find out that there were significant cost discrepancies amongst the bids. It appeared a lot of the cost fluctuations was due to the availability of equipment and labor. Many charged for renting various equipment (i.e. hose, pattern templates, etc.) because they didn't own them. I also felt many lacking confidence, either by the way they vaguely answered my questions or ill prepared to provide details of the how and why. It dawned on me that we should probably look into concrete experts, professionals who do this daily for a living. I finally found Jason who was quick to come out and assess our small project. Right off the bat, I could already tell we found our guy. He was knowledgeable, able to answer all our questions in great detail. He was professional and enthusiastic about our project even though it was small potatoes I'm sure, to his bigger jobs. He owned or readily had access to all equipment that was needed. We shook hands on it and until our job started, he was easily reached through text and if emailed, his office was quick to get a hold of him. We had planned for a certain week of the month, but due to the lack of workers available, he had to push our project back. He actually ended up calling me last minute to let us know that the job would still be completed on time. Through the whole experience, I never had the need to doubt his ability or question his quality of work. As promised, he delivered a beautiful stamped concrete patio that I know we'll enjoy for years to come. There was some mess when they left after pouring, but it was minimal and nothing that can't be fixed. He is very easy to work with, honest and definitely an expert in his field. Overall, I highly recommend Jason and his team.

- Miriam C.  (Yelp)

Able Concrete and Design built a 800 sq ft Concrete Patio for us and it looks great. Worked out a design that fit within our budget. We can't wait to use it and our fire pit! Jason was also able to work with us on our hectic schedule. Good Luck on future jobs. Thank You  - Patrick V. (Yelp)

I was very satisfied with the work done by Jason and his crew. They are very professional and affordable. Jason keeps great communication with what is going on during the job and knows his profession well. - Brian R. (Yelp)

We had a need for a 20x11 patio to be poured.  After several quotes from various contractors, Jason not only offered a competitive price but explained each step of the process. Jason and Amber were very responsive to our questions.  Able Concrete Design worked our patio in between their previously scheduled jobs and actually completed it ahead of schedule! The Able Concrete Design crew were all extremely friendly and our yard was no worse for the wear after they left. I highly recommend Able Concrete Designs. - Corban C.  (Yelp)

I hired Able Concrete Designs to install a stairway, retaining wall, and 16' x 25' patio in my back yard. Jason and his team were easy to work with and did a great job!  The slope of my backyard was a challenge, and I was very happy with their work  - Ken O.  (Yelp)

Jason, Thanks again.  Looking forward to using new patio.  I'll pass your info on to a few people that have asked me about the job you did for us.  And I'll also post to yelp, BBB and our neighborhood site and hope it drums up some business for you.

Good Luck - Pat  "Shoot Arrows Straight"

Thanks Moose and Jason for a great time.� Lots of laughs.� Driveway looks great and it is draining right where you wanted.� Already had some neighbors over, hopefully you will get some work through a great job.��

Will T. on October 2, 2015

"Jason came out and gave us a mid grade bid. He was on time to his appt. which I appreciated. We went with Able Concrete and couldn't be happier with the end result. Excellent customer service and a quality product. Thanks Jason!"  - Shannon E...

"What a gorgeous patio you did for us, simply divine!"  - Patty B....

"Thank you for a job well done.  The drainage is doing great and now we are on to landscaping."  - Nathan W.....

"Always a pleasure working with Able Concrete Designs."  -Derrick T......

"Please tell Jason Thank you so much for coming out with such short notice.  Great crew and work envioroment, our kids had fun watching and learning."  Shelia Q.....

"Love our driveway, thank you!"  John S...

"Jason, what a great time.  I know you didn't want an old man hanging out all day but thank you for including me."  Ronnie C.....

Name:  Victoria A

Project Description:  Patio

Review:  Able Concrete Designs did a wonderful job on our patio.  Thank you.

Name:  Samuel O

Project Description:  Garage Floor

Review:  Done Right, Looks Great

Name:  Boi T

Project Description:  New Construction

Review:  I found the estimate to be fair and asked for another meeting.  This is a good way to see how serious a contractor is.  Jason came back for a 2nd time to reassure my wife of what we were planning on doing and the timeline.  Jason let us know that weather is always a concern but he would get it done as soon as possible.  Much to our surprise it was done a week earlier than we expected and my wife loves the new concrete.